All alone on her birthday, this young lady decided to visit the Compound and pretend that she had a pre arranged audience with the Boss. Irene goes along with it at first for some fun, but then decides to interrogate the girl to find out the truth! The girl is found smoking by the window in the schoolroom, with the disposition of a brat! Very intense tickle punishment in interesting bondage positions. She is tied to a chair, and then over a punishment box. The girl is face sat often and smothered as well before she gives up her secrets. Her clothes are ripped off by Irene. Good spanking scene too! Irene in 2 different military costumes, and slave girl in sexy garter belt, black stockings, and ballet bondage boots. For the bondage/tickle enthusiast!
Added: 2014-12-28 | Duration: 0:01 | Tags: bondage femdom fetish

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