Rocco Siffredi describes his new series thus: "Puppet Master is my brand new line. In all my scenes, I try to work with the girls' personality. My favorite scene is the first, with Omar dominating Laura Picasso, the Swiss girl. Completely real and submissive. Laura had written me a letter saying that she wanted to work with me (like Sandy did in the early days, for Sandy Insatiable). She is a normal girl and she wanted to have an experience making a movie with me. Laura is open for the worst that the human mind can imagine. Omar also did great domination over the French girl, Cecilia Vega. Cecilia is an unbelievable actress and she was very good sexually. I love all four of these scenes; it's a great movie with a lot of dominance." In four nasty scenes by the master of suave, male-dominant brutality, 10 acquiescent young sluts get what's coming to them.
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