If There'sa If there's a common vision that unfies this film, it's simply that each scene was a clear and particularly joyous monent in time. Lovely blonde Lonnie is the focal point, and it was her 21st birthday . Excited, and happy, she was all set to go out and party like a rock star, but first she had to get her work done....Which involved some very serious smoking. First she smokes and models a skimpy leather bikini, later puts on a smoke and flash show for her horny boss as a super secretary, and concludes her day's work with a classic smoker at sunset.....wonderful stuff here!!!! so lets add three more gems... Jacueline....in the most surprisingly fabulous scene she's ever done.....proves that she can smoke with the best of them. I gave her 5 packs of diffrent brands and asked her to smoke one of each, simultaneously....that was great, but she transformed the scene into something truly special when she took out her hidden tiparillo, added that to the mix and then chose her favorite smoke and had yet another.....I couldn't believe she just kept smoking and smoking ....and getting better and better with the dialog and inhales all the while!!!! Loni and Phoenix Ray do a touching lesbian smoke scene that is excerpted from a soon to be released major film that will appear in Bob's platinum edition.... here's first peeks! and finally Jamie Lynn's perfect monent....not only is she smoking, she places a tiny ice cube on her nipple and notices that her body heat causes the ice chip to smoke!!!!! she's smoking hot everywhere!!! this film is proberly my finest 105 of film yet......
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