Lucas Entertainment's Encounters 5: Burning Desire has Wilson Vasquez too drunk to drive after a night out with buddy, John Lamb. Wilson calls his girlfriend to cancel their date then dozes off on John's couch. Vasquez looks ultra sexy passed out and John can't resist tasting the "sleeping" stud's dick that's half exposed. Pretense vanishes after John brings Wilson's cock to full mast, it's time for fucking! Take that shit, Vasquez murmurs as his monster invades John's ass. You like that? Not bad for a straight guy, huh? He drills Lamb deeply and seems slightly amazed that he can take the huge dick so easily. Finally, he pumps a load out of John and then lets loose with his own creamy geyser. Lamb admits that he's dreamed about this happening. Vasquez smiles and whispers, I know…I know.
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